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Rapid Production

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What is Rapid production - Rapid tooling - RapidParts!!

    At Rapidparts we are able to produce the exact moulding you want in most engineering grade thermoplastics in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional tooling methods. We do this by using our experience, the latest technologies, methods and automation of design, programming and production.

    However unlike some Rapidtool / part manufacturers we haven't lost sight that products need ribs, sharp corners, undercuts and other features that we all try to design out, but rarely do without compromising the design or product.

Using a lean environment, and just in time methods from design, production, moulding we have cut lead times down to 5 working days.


So what's the catch ? ...There isn't one

    Using our methods you get the parts you want not what suits us, no compromises, in the time you want, the material and colour you need. All our tooling is manufactured using Grade A1 Aluminium or where necessary P20. Helping you to get to market quicker with quality parts!!