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Light Switch Assembly Project

Light Switch Assembly Project - Image 1Light Switch Assembly Project - Image 2Light Switch Assembly Project - Image 3

    Large OEM electrical manunfacturer approached Rapidparts in December 2008 with a project consisting of 6 components, detailed ribs, gloss finish, internal undercuts and urgent. They knew that for the product to succeed they had to be at the market place on the 2nd Jan 2009 with a product that was moulded and the real thing. This was aimed at the high end market place and anything but a quality product would fail.

    The order was placed on the 1st of December - the customer arrived at Rapidparts 15 working days later (22/12/08) to see the finished moulded parts. Hot off the press, whilst on site he mentioned that it would be nice to see what was going on inside the switch ... he drove away 4 hours later with all 6 parts in the correct colours and some additional ones in a clear Polycarbonate.

Needless to say it was a very Happy Christmas for him.

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