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Terms and Conditions

Rapidparts Terms & Conditions

As with most manufacturing processes there can be a need for adjustments or development during production .This can be caused by several factors within the nature of manufacturing new products / designs .To help avoid any confusion in this area we have detailed our Terms and Conditions below to help clarify.

Rapidparts will act with its best intentions to supply injection mould tools which have been designed and manufactured to the customer's component data using material shrinkage values that have been supplied by the customer. If these are not available then shrinkage values and processing data supplied by the material manufacturer for that particular polymer would be used.


Rapidparts also expect the client to adhere to the following:


 • Payment terms are 30% deposit with "Confirmed Order" (This can be a purchase order emailed or faxed for existing customers with credit terms or a credit card payment / cheque for new customers), the remaining 70% is payable 30 days from receipt of T1 samples. We suggest that credit accounts are established before order placement to avoid delays.

• 5 day turnaround - to qualify for this the following guide lines apply


1. "Confirmed Order" must be placed before 10am on the first day of order.
2. "Confirmed Order" should use the cad data ref that has been quoted and not alter in anyway from the data used to generate the quote.
3. Order will be dispatched on fifth business day after the day we receive the order.
4. Gate and ejector layouts must be approved within 2 hours of being sent. Delays in this may affect the order being processed. (ideally this will already be done before the order is placed)
5. Your part must be less than 250 x 100 x 80
6. Your part must be manufactured from our standard materials specified or if you prefer to supply your own it must arrive 2days before due delivery with the relevant processing information.
7. In rare circumstances due to high demand we have the right to offer an alternative service to suit your needs.


• Produce tooling manufactured to customer cad data with an allowance for typical material shrinkage allowance for a specified polymer. (If adverse shrinkages occur due to the component design Rapidparts reserve the right to provide a quote to rectify this if required at an additional cost.


• Components will be analysed for suitability of injection moulding and advice will be given where deemed necessary. This advice is given in good faith and is only advice. It is up to the customer to decide if they wish to act on this advice and modify designs. It is solely the customer's responsibility to validate all component designs for functionality, manufacture, fit for purpose etc unless Rapidparts are commissioned to produce the component design itself. Any further costs to rectify these problems are the at the cost of the customer.


• Tooling / component manufacture will be quoted based on producing "off the tool parts ". If any further fixturing / jigs are required to produce the desired components this cost will be the responsibility of the customer.


• Rapidparts Limited reserves the right to re-quote moulding and tooling prices if the Clients' component data supplied for manufacture differs from that which was supplied for the quotation.


• Should a part be out of tolerance to the component design as a result of errors made by Rapidparts Limited, this will be corrected in a timely manner and free of charge. ( Rapidparts will not be responsible for any loss of revenue or any other financial / no financial commitment unless agreed in writing prior to tooling / part acceptance of order.


• Rapidparts Limited will refer to the industry standard Din 16901 row 140 for calculating or advising achievable component tolerances as standard unless otherwise instructed.


• Once samples have been approved Rapidparts Limited reserves the rights to requote any further moulding required.

• Delivery times are given on the official quote but are subject to alteration at time of order subject to high demand.


• 10 samples will be produced at trial and sent for customer approval before the batch will be completed .Written sample approval is requested from the customer.


• Where overmoulded inserts / parts are used in the moulding process,these are assumed to be supplied free issue by the customer and delivered at the latest 2 days prior to expected component delivery unless otherwise stated/ agreed with Rapidparts. The quantity supplied should be at least 10% over the quantity of finished components required.The inspection and conformity of these secondary parts are the sole responsibility of the customer .Any delays caused by nonconformity / delivery could be passed on and affect the delivery date.


• Minimum tool life will be stated on the quote, this is given with our best intentions , but can vary due to material and moulding conditions.


• Customers have the right to collect any tooling that they either fully own ( complete tool) or partially own ( Rapid inserts , ejection ) by writing to Rapidparts Limited stating that they wish to do so and the date when they would like to collect it.. (Subject to no outstanding balances against the tooling).


• All tooling is subject to an 18month revue where Rapidparts will actively contact customers to discuss tooling that hasn't had parts called off .If the tooling is no longer required then this can be disposed off or can be returned to the customer at their cost .


• If tooling is removed offsite this voids any contracts between the client & Rapidparts Limited .


• We advise that tooling should be insured separately by the client and it is the responsibility of the client to arrange this with their own insurers.


• We keep some "standard " thermoplastics as stock in natural colours . Any other materials/ colours can be subject to availability which can affect delivery of components. (please ask your sales person at time of order placement to confirm ).


You can download our Terms & Conditions by clicking here