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 Rapidparts has evolved to meet the ever changing market need for plastic injection moulded parts at competitive prices to tight timescales. Our parts are produced in a traditional way utilising refined procedures resulting in reduced timescales and costs, whilst retaining the quality / tight tolerances of components. Unlike other quick plastic part companies, we are able to produce components to specification in as little as 5 working days without compromising on quality or complexity of the parts - we provide the exact parts you require: deep ribs, sharp corners, spark finishes, inserts, over moulded inserts etc with PPap inspection available as standard. Our policy is to produce production quality parts in prototype timescales.


Case Study

Light Switch Assembly - 15 Business days from cad to plastic parts in VO rated PC & PBT more info >

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Rapidparts offers over and above others

  Others Rapidparts
All Plastics No Icon Yes Icon
Detailed Undercuts No Icon Yes Icon
Complex Shapes No Icon Yes Icon
Core Pulls / Sliding cores No Icon Yes Icon
Threaded unscrewing cores No Icon Yes Icon
EDM Process No Icon Yes Icon
Square Corners No Icon Yes Icon
Deep Ribs No Icon Yes Icon
Intricate Detail No Icon Yes Icon
Design Changes No Icon Yes Icon
Modifications No Icon Yes Icon
Full Inspection Report No Icon Yes Icon

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